Today each one of the five Conventions is granted it's own 'sub-construct' on the site of I23. When the first foundations for the I23 construct were laid, it was designed to become a New World Order construct only. The necessary relocation of the Western Europe Head Symposium after the Millennium Crisis demanded more than that. The plans for a major project were drawn, and soon the expansion and reconstruction began. Within a few years after 2000 the new and ambitious Contruct designed to host four of the Technocracy's conventions was in it's final stages of construction. The Void Engineers, who were left out in the planning (some say that was done on purpose) sensed the opportunity when it presented itself. Scientists of the PDC had just put a new and powerful dimensional gate technology through it's final stages of testing in Terran environments: The Interlink Facility.
In a venture that dazzled even Syndicate marketing specialists and swayed the minds of the sceptic NWO officials the Void Engineers were successful when they presented their concept for the Interlink Facility. So the PDC got a site for their new developement and the Void Engineers a seat on the Symposium for Central and Western Europe.
Apart from the Void Enginer Dimensional Science Lab that runs the Interlink Facility, each Convention is represented by it's own sub-construct or - in the case of the NWO - owns the main building