08.07.2000 Devices Section Opened
A new section about Devices available through our requisitioning system has been opened for your general use.

11.07.2000 Devices Section Updated
Added some Devices- Have fun :)

23.07.2000 OOC Section opened
A new section including house rules and sources for inspiration so far.
The section as a whole will expand in the future (like all of them)

26.12.2000 Facilities Page Started
A new page has been added to the Site section. From this page the various facilities of the construct should be available as overview descriptions ....
if I can find the time to do it even.

27.12.2000 Music for Technocracy Chronicles
After neglecting this page for quite some time, I got around to add some downloadable music I encoded from records and CDs. They can be found in the OOC section.

28.12.2000 Facilities are online
Well, the holidays made it possible. The NWO, Iteration-X and Progenitor facilities are available as overview descriptions. The Syndicate Exchange will follow soon. I also try to include personnel rosters for each one of the Conventions ASAP (whenever that will be) and maybe even some NPCs.

03.01.2001 New OOC Item
The OOC page has been expanded by one new item I called Thoughts
This page is intended to be a forum for thoughts and concepts relating to the game.

04.01.2001 Some new tracks
A few new tracks have been added to the music section. I'll keep them coming ...

18.11.2001 Site relocated
Well, not that it changed much, but I've relocated the site somewhere else and under a new domain name: http://i23.memecraft.org

22.11.2001 Nodes and Stats added
Since I received a request asking to give more details about the Quintessence sources and the other mechanical details of the Construct, I wrote a section about Nodes + Stats which can be found off the Site page.

18.02.2002 New OOC Material
No, the page is not dead yet. My sister generously compiled some thoughts of hers on how to work Enlightened Science, and I have put together a list of Apparati. Both can be found in the OOC section.

29.05.2002 I23 Chronicle published
A new feature off the main page called Chronicle links to a page that has a timeline reference to the whole I23 chronicle so far

24.08.2002 Devices Section updated
The Devices section has been redesigned a little and three new Devices were added

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