Tools arm the man.
                One can well say that man is capable of bringing forth a world;
                he lacks only the necessary apparatus, the corresponding armature
                of his sensory tools.
                    - Novalis


This list – while nowhere near claiming completeness – includes all technological Apparati approved and used for my Technocracy game. I list many Foci mentioned in previous White Wolf publications like the Technocracy Convention books and the Guide to the Technocracy, with the notable exception of those which I consider inappropriate for Technocratic use. Especially the older Convention Books hold quite a supply of those. I mean – a scalpel as Correspondence Focus, why the hell use a scalpel if you've got aerosol dispensers. This is the Technocracy after all. Since my Chronicle is set some time in the near future, some of the foci are a little more high-tech than normal for a typical World of Darkness setting. Each focus includes a short description including hints for the most appropriate applications and which Convention generally uses the Focus.


Aerosol Dispenser/Ventilation Systems:
Progenitors often use airborne agents to make their Life Procedures work across distances. The wind could carry a chemical to it's target that is dispersed into the air, or a whole building's ventilation system can become the means to the end.

Beam Emitters:
Torches, video projectors, lights, laserpointers … a wide range of items is covered by that term. All Conventions employ such devices for various effects, often in conjunction with Forces or Prime.

Cellular Phone:
Very good for conjunctional effects with Forces and/or Mind, this focus is used by almost all Technocrats moving among Sleepers

Fluctuation Matrix:
This Void Engineer tool is available in hand-held versions for personal use, or integrated into a structure often called transporter chamber. Fluctuation Matrices are mainly used for Correspondence effects of third or fourth level.

Net/Satellite Uplink:
Far ranged Correspondence effects are often created by the means of such uplinks.

Communication/Surveillance Equipment
Communications and surveillance effects are used by field teams, security personnel and investigators of all Conventions.

Palmtop Computer:
Almost any effect up to the second level of Correspondence can be powered through such a focus. Used widely among all Conventions.

Particle Wave Modulator:
A tool employing quantum mechanics and uncertainty calculations to change the space-time properties of subatomic particles. This Void Engineer Apparatus is often used in conjuction with the Time and the Entropy sphere to create large scale effects. The NWO and Iteration-X also use such apparati to accomplish spatial manipulations.

Physical Prowess/Enhancements:
Some Correspondence effects may be focused through the facility of the rigorous training received by field operatives of the Union. Especially the Void Engineer Marines and the Men in Black are often capable of astonishing speed and combat awareness, Iteration-X warriors are often cybernetically enhanced for greater agility and speed.

Remote Control:
Also good for all kinds of conjunctions with Forces (like any device with an infrared emitter). Iteration-X, the Void Engineers and the New World Order mainly use such Apparati to control drones and other machines.

All kinds of handheld or larger Apparati fall into this category. GPS, motion detectors, radar, ultrasonics etc. Sensory effects used by all Convenions are usually done with an apparatus like that. Void Engineers – as masters of Correspondence – often use them for an even wider range of applications.

The airwaves are open territory for the Technocracy. Radio, laser, microwave, UMTS, GPS, GSM whatever the band, the frequency or the technology, wireless transmissions are used in various forms by all Conventions to focus their Correspondence effects through them. (see also Cellular Phone and Net/Satellite Uplink above)

Zooms, Telescopes and Binoculars:
Often used for sensory effects by all kinds of Technocrats

Dimensional Science:

A little surprise here. Sending the mind outward by means of psychedelics, or fortifying the mind against possession by spirits through the same channel is not the exclusive right of Traditions like the Cult of Ecstasy or the Dreamspeakers. Progenitor Phamacopeists, Void Engineer Scientists, Syndicate members and even some of the NWO know which chemicals enhance the mental faculties and the capabilities of the senses to perceive, interact with, and protect against the paranormal.

Genetic Code:
Yes, the Technocracy also conjures spirits. Of course they would never call it that – mind you. Where Order of Hermes mages would use true names and call on ancient bargains binding a spirit to their will, the Progenitors will design a genetic code and draw a spirit creature into the resulting clone to animate it.

Often used for sensory effects by all Conventions.

Phasing Array:
A technological Apparatus to manipulate the resonance frequencies of subspace fields. Void Engineers use phasing arrays in a way similar to Fluctuation Matrices, but instead of teleporting through space, the phasing array passes the user through the dimensions. Most other Conventions make use of self-powered Devices (resp. Talismans) built for them by the Void Engineers

Applied the same way as with Correspondence effects to navigate and perceive through the dimensions rather than space.

Shield Generator:
Ubiquitous component of every spaceship and many constructs to shield them against the void or to protect a site against trans-dimensional entities, these Apparati are available in sizes ranging from personal portable ones up to the massive generators used for space-stations.

The Ultimate DS Apparatus is of course a spacecraft. An Enlightened Void Engineer pilot may do all kinds of things with such an engine. Iteration-X is also known to at least build, if not use, spacecraft, even though they do not study Dimensional Science. Other Conventions rarely use Procedures in that field which would even require such a complex construction.

Weapon Modifications:
Certain modifications made to a weapon (like subspace shockwave effects or something) enable normal projectiles to hit and also hurt Umbrood and other creatures made of ephemera. Often used in conjunction with Prime.

Xenolinguistic Processor:
A hand held translator used mainly by the Void Engineers to communicate with Aliens and trans dimensional lifeforms.


Backup Systems:
The Void Engineers and Iteration-X often include multiply redundant components in both their constructions and their software. Rarely is there a single point of failure that can knock out a whole system - how good that we thought of that before. Often used in conjuntion with Matter or Forces effects.

Chaos Mathematics:
Used for encryption, probability calculation, holistic models and other similar applications, this approach is favoured by the NWO and the Syndicate. Iteration-X also makes use of such highly advanced mathematics sometimes, even though it is a little too fuzzy for their liking.

Determining the outcomes of complex stochastic (probability based) models requires calculation or computer software which does the job. Iteration-X mainly uses such Apparati for Entropy Procedures up to a rating of three.

Disruptive Energy Emitter:
Often used in conjunction with the Forces sphere, disruptive energy emissions may be used to affect either machines (like in flooding the EM bands as in ECM and ECCM) or disrupt living patterns in conjunction with Life.

A domain of the Syndicate, games of chance and luck can easily be manipulated to ‘load the dice’ in favour of someone specific - or against the same person.

Information/Disinformation: Manipulation of concepts, data, knowledge and paradigm itself is often achieved by carefully planned information or disinformation campaigns by both Syndicate and NWO.

Inherent Flaws: The Progenitors are masters of correcting or exploiting inherent genetic flaws in subjects, Iteration-X and the Void Engineers are quite adept in determining the same in machines – either to correct the flaw or to trigger it.

Plain Luck:
Well sometimes even the Technocracy relies on such vague concepts as chance and luck. Caution is advised though, relying on such things too often may bring down Paradox or Internal Investigations on the mage.

Process Optimization:
As one might expect, Iteration-X is leading in this field, closely followed by the economic applications used by the Syndicate. Generally all Conventions rely on their extensive test results, advanced calculations and elaborate plans to make things run smoothly.

Psychological Manipulation:
Often used by the NWO and the Syndicate to threaten, to intimidate or to deteriorate a subject's resolve. Most applications involve conjunctional effects with Mind.

Scanners: Mainly used for analytical effects by all Conventions. Scanners may be used to spot design flaws in materials, physiological defects in lifeforms or measure entropic processes like isotope deterioration or physical decomposition of matter.

The aggregation of data and the subsequent deduction of knowledge from those statistics is a tool employed by all Conventions to some degree. The Syndicate, Iteration-X and the NWO are masters in that field though.

Stock Ticker and Business News:
Mainly used for elaborate calculations and manipulations of the market by the Syndicate.

A field favoured by Iteration-X and the Void Engineers. Entropy itself is a concept covered in thermodynamics, and the determination of entropic processes by means of that science can be achieved quite easily.


Communication Equipment:
Apparati like cellphones, normal phones, modems, antennae, sattelite dishes and other communications equipment are often used in conjunction with Correspondence for various applications by all Conventions.

Cybernetic/Bionic Enhancements:
In conjunction with Life or Matter such apparati may be the focus for extreme strength, speed, resilience or agility.

Energy Emitters:
Laser pointers, infrared emitters, light and sound sources, heating elements - all kinds of energy emissions can be used as a basis to achieve various effects up to level 4 of this sphere.

Generators/Power Sources:
Everything from such small things like battery rechargers to such massive constructions as atomic reactors can be used to focus Forces effects. The level of the effect should relate to the power of the source.

Primarily light can be focused and manipulated with lenses, other applications are possible though. Apparati like this are often used in conjunction with Correspondence or Matter.

Quantum Theory:
The manipulation of force particles like photons and gravitons or the release of subatomic forces by manipulation of the atom itself is mainly employed by the Time Motion Engineers of Iteration-X and the Void Engineer scientists. Due to the high amount of energy that can be released by splitting atoms, this method is often used for higher level Forces effects.

Scanners/Glasses/Goggles: Again often used for sensory effects.

Shield Generators:
Similar to their application in DS, shield generators are mostly used to ward off physical forces when used with this Sphere. Consequently, the Void Engineers often use Forces in conjunction with Dimensional Science and/or Prime to shield their ships and Deep Space Constructs.

Wave Emitters:
Apparati like infrasonic projectors, normal speakers and bioresonance sounds fall into this category as do electromagnetic wave generators like AM/FM transmitters ECM devices and seismic pulse generators. Depending on the application, such Apparati are often used for effects in conjunction with Life, Mind, Correspondence or Matter.

A straightforward Apparatus for combat applications. Often used in conjunction with other Spheres, weapons are easily applied to the generation of effects up to level 3.


Advanced Biology:
Genome mapping, metabolic analysis and other methods of high level biology are sometimes used as a basis for Life effects in conjuction with Mind or Entropy. The scientist can determine predispositions for certain diseases – like cancer – or enact elaborate placebo effects based on previous analysis. The doctor is always right, you know.

Since scanning equipment lends itself to all kinds of applications, the use of such apparati for sensory effects is often combined with other spheres. Almost any standard medical scanning device like CAT scanners, X-ray scanners or small Star-Trek like devices can be used.

Body Control:
Most Progenitors, and some other Technocrats, are trained to maintain a high level of control over their bodily functions through breathing excercises, mental focus and strict physical regimen. Often used in conjunction with Mind, this Apparatus mainly powers low level effects. Using an Apparatus like this for high level transformation would be vulgar for a Technocratic mage.

Progenitors often introduce special enzymatic agents into their systems to help regeneration, control their metabolism or manipulate their cellular structure. Life effects up to level 4 are focused through enzymes.

Ergonomic Furniture:
Those Syndicate office chairs just make working overnight much less stressful, sleeping in a Progenitor biogel bed can rest you more thoroughly (and more quickly) than sleeping in a normal one, and even Iteration-X uses special harnesses for their construction Ciphers to make their work more bearable. Such Apparati are mainly used for low level Life effects on level two, sometimes combined with Mind.

This apparatus – familiar to all Star Trek fans – can introduce all kinds of chemicals into a subject's body. Often used in conjunction with Matter and/or Prime.

Usually Progenitors are no longer off-the-shelf organisms like mother nature designed them. Organ implants and modifications are found throughout their physiology, and are used for all kinds of biologically enhancing effects. Iteration-X substitutes cybernetic augmentation for bionic alteration with the same results.

Of course a medkit can be put to all kinds of practical uses. The highly trained field medics of all Conventions often use them for healing effects on level three of the Life Sphere.

Nanites – microscopic artificial organisms – can do all kinds of things to a lifeform when introduced into it's system. Often used in conjunction with Matter and Prime (to form the nanites) this Apparatus can do a lot. All kinds of Life effects can be based on nanites. Apart from the Progenitors, Iteration-X is known to use nanites for Life effects.

Petri Dishes/Growth Tanks:
In the controlled and carefully observed environment of a glass dish or growth tank, organisms and tissue may be grown and modified. This Apparatus is often used by the Progenitors in conjunction with Prime to create living organisms or tissue.

The hallmark of Pharmacopeists has found it’s way into the arsenal of most other Conventions with the possible exception of Iteration-X. Drugs are used to enhance, modify and often also to hinder physical performance.

Physioergonomic Machines:
Forget your fitness center's torture devices, the training Apparati of the Technocracy are much more advanced and can do virtual wonders for your health and fitness. All Conventions use specially designed machines in their training facilities. Those are often used for Life effects imroving attributes, helping recovery or improving health.

Slap Patches:
Those patches are applied to the skin above any major artery and begin releasing chemicals into the user's organism. The effect of the chemical can be quite varied, but is usually of lower level.

Viral Agents/Pathogens:
Offensive Life effects are often focused through specially engineered viruses or other pathogens like priones or bacteria. This ubiquitous Progenitor Apparatus has found it’s way into the ranks of the NWO and the Syndicate too.


Advanced Materials:
Mimetic plastics, flexible metals and extremely durable or resilient construction materials are a mainstay of Technocratic manufacturing. Matter effects that work on materials are often based on that fact.

Briefcases and other containers:
Have you ever wondered what the field agents carried around in their briefcases? Everything they need for their mission of course! With such an Apparatus, effects of creation, often in conjunction with Prime, can be achieved.

Chemical Compounds:
Surface coating, immersion baths or just application of acid can alter material properties profoundly. Alternatively various chemicals can be combined to achieve effects which produce a new one.

Chemistry kits and labs:
Progenitor Pharmacopeists make wide use of small portable chemistry kits to create all kinds of chemicals they might need. Larger laboratories are used for elaborate and complicated synthesis.

Energy Beams:
Tightly focused energy beams are used either for offensive purposes or to cut through almost any material for excavations and construction. Obviously such Apparati require a conjunctional effect with Forces.

From normal sleeper tech factory furnaces to the advanced primium furnaces of Iteration-X, all kinds of Apparati that work with super-high levels of heat to smelt and merge metals or other matter are used for high level Matter effects.

IDs and Badges:
The NWO and the Syndicate often use such cards and badges to make them appear as anything they choose. Police or corporate IDs and bank teller cards are obvious choices.

All kinds of technological Apparati may be used to focus Matter effects which either transform themselves internally or create materials by means of constructing them. This class of Apparatus includes virtually any complex machine.

Matter – Energy Transmuters:
These large and complicated Apparati – often called replicators – are used for the most advanced constructive Matter effects in conjunction with Forces and Prime. The Void Engineers and Iteration-X are proficient in their use, the Progenitor Pharmacopeists use smaller versions for chemical synthesis.

Metallurgy and other Material Sciences:
An expert can easily classify, analyse and of course also work any metal or alloy. Iteration-X Scientists are usually highly educated in that field. Applications can differ if other materials are involved: Mineralogy or extensive knowledge about petrochemical compounds fall into this category as well.

Molecular Density Manipulators:
Advanced Apparati used by Iteration-X and the Void Engineers to manipulate molecular density by modifying the bonding between molecules. Density manipulators can be as small as a briefcase to use them in the field, or as large as a massive engine to be used on spaceships and for large excavations.

Power Tools:
Ranging from such small things as jackhammers or drills to large contraptions like tunneling moles and mining machines, such Apparati can be used to break up matter quickly.

Of course scanners again.

Of course, using weapons to degrade, pierce through or destroy barriers more effectively is an application used widely among all Technocrats. Alternatively weapons may be used for Procedures involving ammunitions modification or multiplication.


Brainwave Amplifiers:
This Apparatus is a kind of brace worn around the back of the head. It amplifies brainwaves to create telekinetic effects or invasive mental attacks.

Communication Systems:
Surveillance, video and audio feeds, multiple waveband scanners and computer network hubs are the vectors of the information flow. Tapping into them can lead to greater insights or alternatively project the mind outward by immersing it in the flow.

Often used for the creation of artificial intelligence by Iteration-X or for sleepteaching, imprinting clones or duplicating mental processes by the NWO and the Progenitors.

Chemicals introduced into the organism in a controlled way, can enhance, expand or alternatively blur and deteriorate the mind. Mainly used by the NWO the Progenitors and the Syndicate.

Often used when combining Mind with Entropy, this method is mainly used by the NWO and the Syndicate: Influence the masses, manipulate the market, stay one step ahead of your opponent, make people forget one thing and buy another ... whatever you want to do, information is the key. Iteration-X and the Progenitors also use this angle for predictions about an opponent's behaviour or to imprint the minds of clones and create artificial intelligence.

... makes the world go around, is the focus of many people's desires and dreams and can change people's attitudes. The Syndicate is very proficient at using money for all those ends and more.

Mental Training:
Science requires self-discipline, organized and logical thinking and sharp wits. Consequently all Conventions have their own methods and effects based on their rigid training. The Void Engineers remain calm in the face of sanity defying horrors, the NWO has learned to collect and process information quickly and put it to use at once, Iteration-X trains it's Ciphers for highly structurized thinking to even surpass what Sleeper computer technology is capable of, the Syndicate's members have sharply honed minds ready to act on any opportunity with unerring efficiency and finally the Progenitor's academic discipline and profound knowledge of the neural functions offer them an almost superhuman command of their mental faculties.

An Apparatus not widely approved. The Progenitors and the Void Engineers are known to take the risk of using this parapsychological method to achieve all kinds of Mind effects.

The hallmark of the NWO, though also used widely by the Syndicate and the Void Engineers, can achieve results in Mind effects ranging from simple self empowering effects to the elaborate conditioning Procedures of the NWO... and of course the countermeasures the Void Engineers have against that same conditioning.

Social Skills:
The ultimate tool of manipulation and intimidation. Whether it's the stare of the ice cold killer, the behaviour of the proverbial bad cop, the executive's smart ways, the caring and concerned therapist or the smooth and slick salesman's spiel, the NWO and the Syndicate are masters in this category. Iteration-X sometimes employs the utter lack of those emphatic abilities to achieve intimidating effects. Both the Progenitors and the Void Engineers also have their nice guys and cold ruthless killers.

VR Equipment:
Like their cousins in the Traditions, the Virtual Adepts, many Technocrats make use of VR goggles and headsets to work with the Digital Web.


The favoured method of Progenitors to store and use Prime energies.

Energy Converter:
Often used in conjunction with Matter, Apparati like this one can form the essential Prime Energies into structures and patterns.

Energy Weapons:
Plasma rifles an other larger guns are stand-alone Prime blasters. Similar Apparati can be used for other offensive Prime effects.

Field Resonance Scanner:
A sensory tool to measure the Primal Field Resonance of objects, used for level 1 PrimeProcedures.

Inner Strength and Dedication:
An uncharacteristic thing to focus a Procedure through? Think again, after all being a Technocrat is about doing the right thing, knowing that your course is just and righteous. So it's all about dedication. Low level Prime Procedures are mainly achieved by the means of such merits.

Primordial Essence:
The Progenitors like to experiment with biochemical essences containing all the basic buildingblocks for the generation of life. The experts of Iteration-X use particle accellerators and material distillers in their long winded process to create Primium from an amalgam of all basic metals as well as other applications.

Quintessence Tanks/Batteries:
Those containers can store Prime energy and release them in a controlled way to power hypertech devices of all kinds.

Resonance Neutralizer:
Often massive and used in Construct design, those complex engines are used to strengthen the Paradigm locally or – when used offensively – to sanitize nodes.

Subspace Field Manipulator:
This Apparatus is often used for manipulation of the flow of Prime. Channeling and dampening effects are focused through those devices ranging in size from portable Apparati which can fit into a large cargo-pant pocket to massive engines used in spaceships or to tap Nodes and establish Constructs.


Cell Regeneration:
One of the few Time Apparati originally coming from the Progenitors, this method is also closely guarded by them. Cell regeneration can make a body virtually immune to the passage of time.

Chroniton Warp Field Generator:
This rather large contraption is used to gate throuh space and time. Often used by Chrononauts in combination with Correspondence

Chronoscopic Manipulator:
Another favorite of the Void Engineer Chrononauts, those Apparati can scan, sample and manipulate chronoscopic data and thereby influence the passage of time or determine the source and the destination of the local strand of time.

Enhanced Reflexes:
To move with quickness and precision, to stay one step ahead of the enemy, to act within a split second, those are the skills carefully honed by all kinds of combat personnel within the Union. Time dilation and contraction can be focused through such skills as long as it doesn't go too far.

Eventuality Analysis:
With their calculators, their mathematical and psychological training or their almost superhuman skills of deduction, Technocrats may practically see what happened in the past or will happen in the future. The movie Boondock Saints offers a great example of such an application. Syndicate economic forecasts, NWO historic analysis and Iteration-X computational probability determination create a distinct impression of what was or what is to be expected.

Relativistic Spin Compressor:
This >pparatus can alter the temporal motion component of any subatomic particle in a given area. This way time can be dilated or contracted. Mainly Void Engineers use those Apparati, but they have been seen in the hands of other scientists too.

Rigid Schedules:
Determining what will happen when one is in an environment of tightly regulated schedules isn't that hard. To apply the same principles in the field requires high discipline and rigorous adherence to the timetable. A favorite method of Iteration-X and the NWO.

Statistical Series:
Often used in conjunction with Entropy and other spheres, a time spanning analytical series of statistical behaviour can be used to effectively determine the future course of action.

Temporal Inhibitor:
The most advanced applications of the Chrononauts involve the use of such Apparati to manipulate and even stop the flow of time. Those Apparati are usually non-portable.

Timekeeping Devices:
Depending on the application, stopwatches, caesium clocks or quartz chronometers are used for low level Time effects.