Time is the fire in which we burn.
                    - Gene Roddenberry

Perfect Timing
(Time 1 Entropy 1)
Time is money. To know when to buy or sell a commodity, to intuitively sense when that moment is going to come, to be in the right place at the right time. That's the art of business.
The first steps a Syndicate Magic Man takes into the world of big or shady business usually involves the teaching of this Procedure. Easily learned because relying on intuition and talent, this Effect belongs to every Syndicate Conventioneer's basic repertoire. If you know when and where to buy or sell something, a great deal may be saved or earned. If you sell tickets to the championship finals a month in advance you may make some money, but if you are there ten minutes before the match begins, you earn a lot more.
[Each success of this easy and basic Procedure increases or decreases the price of something bought or sold by 10%. Usually it's not necessary to roll Arete for this, any appropriate skill combined with Intelligence or Wits may be sufficient. Just looking into a newspaper, watching the right things on TV or getting the latest down the grapevine is enough to get a result. Just getting a 'hunch' and running off to the next stock exchange requires an Arete roll]

Event Reconstruction
(Time 2 Mind 1 Forces 1 Prime 1 Dimensional Science 1)
Reputedly supernatural events often leave traces of energy, psychic imprints and other 'fallout' which may gathered by specialized equipment and then allow us to reconstruct the event as it has happened.
When the NWO uncovers the site of a supernatural occurrence, it's time for a special kind of on-site analysis. Investigators will set up all kinds of monitoring and imaging equipment to gather the data comprising the imprint the event has left on the site. Following the compilation, this data may then be used to project an accurate reconstruction of the events on a screen and of course save it for later reference. Psychological and emotional motivations of the people present at the time of the event, supernatural energy manipulations, alien interference and force emissions are all part of the reconstructed event data.
[Successes determine the accuracy of the reconstruction. This Procedure can be used without all the equipment, in this case it suffers from the +1 fast-casting modifier and becomes vulgar when performed in front of sleepers. With all the tech equipment it is coincidental since the effect can be explained as high level technology. Time is used to actually look back in time, the other spheres are necessary to collect the various data of interest. It is possible to enact the Procedure without using all of the Spheres, the respective data is of course not integrated into the reconstruction then]

(Time 3 Correspondence 2)
You can never know when exactly something is going to happen somewhere else. Well now you can. Putting newest breakthroughs in time-relativity alignment to good use we managed to synchronize operations with nanosecond accuracy now.
Problems with staging operations where personnel are deployed at different points and are supposed to act in unison have always plagued the commanding officers of the Union. By the means of a time-relativity alignment processor and a standard wristwatch worn by a subject, the flow of time can be synchronized between multiple subjects. If a Time 4 effect is used the procedure may even trigger events in the correct sequence for the operation.
Nowadays this procedure is often used in platoon actions when moving against RDs by the Void Engineers. The procedure has also seen wide use among the Men in Black and the Iteration X shock troops.
[One success is necessary for each subject. The durations on the time chart are used for determining difficulty according to the time the effect should last. Depending on the circumstances, the effect could be perceived as vulgar around a subject. The mage creating the effect will have a scientific explanation ready at hand of course.]

Probability Travel
(Time 4 Entropy 2)
As we know, the weird freaks of the Etherites have come up with quantum theory. In their usual incompetent way, they didn't even realize what the got there. It took our expertise to refine their theory into an applicable procedure
At every point in time countless quantum states change and therefore create a new moment, a new reality. According to the hyperadvanced quantum field researchers of the Void Engineers, every single one of those possible realities becomes an actual one. Using a quantum resonance field spectrometer (welcome to technobabble) hooked up with a computer calculating the corresponding reality sets, it is possible to choose with some accuracy which one of multiple possible outcomes of a situation actually takes place.
[This powerful procedure is vulgar anywhere outside a Technocracy construct. The number of successes should be used as a guideline to the freedom of choice the player has over the outcome of a situation. One success should be enough to make a shot in a combat situation miss. With two successes the hostile gunner may even have shot at someone else, and with even more successes the whole combat may have occurred completely different. Basically this procedure may be used to manipulate, cancel or repeat dicerolls or the general outcome of a scene. Common sense and imagination should be applied.]

Time Trap
(Time 5 Correspondence 5 Dimensional Science 4)
Finally we have the means to imprison time travelling aliens and Reality Deviants in a field of static time. Unable to escape us, they are easily dealt with
The Void Engineer Chrononauts developed this Procedure to fight the strange and dangerous Zigg'rauglurr who travel backwards in time. With powerful generators and by using specialized hypermathematics, the Void Engineers create a parallel dimensional space into which they draw and imprison the alien creature. The flow of time may be reversed for the Zigg'rauglurr, forcing it to it's own past. The tactical advantage of this method against the aliens is obvious: Without their previously gathered knowledge about the opponents they face, they can be surprised easily.
Since the first applications of this Procedure, all kinds of specialists have tried to find new ways to utilize this Procedure. At the moment experiments are made with sending Operatives into the trans-dimensional time pocket and have them reenter the flow of time at some future date. Alternatively the Procedure found application as a higher version of the Containment Field Procedure (see Dimensional Science Procedures). In this variant, aliens are imprisoned in a time pocket and studied outside the flow of time, effectively immobilized and conserved for long term study.
[This rather specialized Procedure is mainly used against Umbrood and Nephandi. Dimensional Science binds the Umbrood or Time Traveller, Correspondence creates a parallel location and Time stops the flow of time, or alternatively transports the whole trans-dimensional pocket into the future. This Procedure is highly vulgar outside any Technocracy Constructs on Earth. When used beyond the Gauntlet, it becomes coincidental. ]