dimension probe


                A human being is a part of the whole, called by us Universe, a part limited in time and space.
                    - Albert Einstein

Intrusion Detector
(Dimensional Science 1 Life 1 Entropy 1)
Many Alien creatures are difficult to spot. It is even more difficult to detect security breaches by Alien intruders. Many creatures of this kind are skilled in avoiding tracking and know how to conceal their movements.
The NWO and the Void Engineers of the NSC are always busy tracking hostile Alien entities both on Earth and on Horizon Constructs. To detect signs of Alien activity and possible security breaches caused by Aliens, a simple scanner is enough for this Procedure to work.
[Successes determine the depth and reliability of the detection. If the Umbrood has hidden by means of some power, the successes have to overcome the power of the Umbrood in question.]

Thought Translator
(Dimensional Science 2 Mind 1)
To study the strange Alien creatures that live in the Void we have to be able to communicate with them. Caution is advised though. The Aliens are insidious beings who often seek to manipulate us to further their strange agendas.
Most other Conventions frown on this, but the Void Engineers have tried for a long time to establish communication with the beings from beyond. With encephalogram interpreters and advanced hand-held tomographic scanners, the Void Engineer Scientists managed to translate thought patters directly into languages understood by the Aliens and vice versa. To protect themselves from manipulation they receive extensive conditioning.
[A simple success is enough normally. Really weird creatures like the Zigg´rauglurr or the Ka Luon may require two or even three successes to have the translator come up with something intelligible. Each success also temporarily adds one point to Willpower which may be used to resist mind affecting charms of the Umbrood Spirit.]

Shooting Sideways
(Dimensional Science 3 Prime 2)
To attack trans dimensional entities from normal space seems to be impossible. To work around this problem, we have designed a new Procedure that will allow us to hit an opponent out of phase just as easily as one we attack in normal space.
The BCD and some NWO Operatives who are deployed to fight against certain supernatural creatures make use of this Procedure extensively. Special "quantum phase modulators" are necessary and have to be hooked up with a weapon to do damage to a target behind the Gauntlet. In a mockery of the Superstitionist rote "Stepping Sideways", the Technocrats have called this Procedure "Shooting Sideways." Normally it is not a good idea to fight spirits when sleepers are present. Additional precautions should be taken when such situations arise.
[Successes are needed to overcome the Gauntlet rating and for duration. Of course it is rather strange shooting at something that cannot be seen when sleepers are around. Normally this is a coincidental Procedure, it becomes vulgar with witnesses whenever a sleeper is around to see the effect.]

Alien Containment Chamber
(Dimensional Science 4 Time 3 Mind 1)
Almost every one of our Deep Universe research stations is equipped with one or more Containment Chambers. Those facilities are our paramount tools in researching the strange and often hostile alien creatures encountered out there. Fully protected from the devious influence of the Alien creature, the enlightened scientist may study it with all necessary thoroughness.
The Alien Containment Chamber can be used to trap unwary aliens (aka Umbrood) by drawing them into the facility with a powerful psychic field. The chamber seals afterwards and several layers of shielding prevent the alien creature from attacking or influencing it's captors. It is even possible to alter the flow of chroniton particles within the containment field to better preserve the species. Many aliens die when kept in the field for too long, and experiments with live specimens are much more revealing.
[One success is necessary to draw an umbrood into the containment field. Every success after the first increases both the gauntlet rating and the difficulty to use charms on anybody outside the containment field. If the Time effect is added, the passage of time may be slowed according to the Time chart.]

Void Shield
(Dimensional Science 5 Life 3 Prime 2)
While sleepers will have to rely on space-suits, we have long since moved on to the next level of personal space-exploration technology. With only some pieces of portable equipment and life support gear, an Enlightened explorer may walk in open space almost unencumbered.
It has been a dream of space explorers to be able to walk on the surface of the moon, on the outside of a ship or even float in space itself without any kind of protective suit. This advanced procedure now opens the way for this dream to become true. Advanced shielding technology combined with equipment to shield the eyes from the sun , the body from the cold and a couple of other harmful influence in open space offers new possibilities in space exploration. For a long time the Void Engineers have kept the method to accomplish this feat of Technology even from their fellow Conventions. Following a report from the NWO to the Inner Circle has forced them to admit possessing the means for almost unaided walkabouts in open space.
[Using this Procedure a character may walk on a ship's hull, live and breathe in open space (for some time) and walk unharmed on the surface of most planets. This Procedure is so advanced that even Technocrats other than Void Engineers have trouble believing in the possibilities. For them this is a vulgar Procedure. Void Engineers may use it as coincidental. When combined with Forces 3 (and some kind of propulsion method) the character may even move freely through all three dimensions]