The Interlink Facility is the core of the Construct. This impressive creation of Hyperscience built deep into the bedrock beneath the Construct surface structures is a multilocational and multidimensional transporter gate.
No less than five orbital platforms, three Horizon Constructs and fifteen locations around the globe are reachable from here.
The Interlink Facility is powered by four independent plasma reactors and uses the newest methods in Dimensional- and Correspondence Science. It makes this Construct in the heart of Europe one of the most important points on the map of Technocratic influence on this world.

The Void Engineers of the PDC Methodology - the only ones stationed permanently at the facility itself - have expanded on the NWO developement of the Schroedinger Gateway to build this metaphasic gate. Various different ways of opening connections between this and another construct exist. That's not all of the functionality the interlink facility can provide though. The advanced synergetic effect achieved by merging Dimensional- Correspondence- and Time Sciences provides the means to connect two seperate Constructs with each other as well. This really is an interlink.

Notable locations connected to this Construct Include:

  • The California Research Collective

    This orbital platform of the NWO has been the first to be connected to the Interlink-23 construct. It has been the research of this Construct into the field of the Schroedinger Effect that contributed the most crucial factor in initiating the construction of this facility. (For details about the CRC see the NWO Convention Book)

  • Beta Regio BCG-Observatory

    A phase space gateway bridges the distance between Earth and the orbit of Venus. There the Progenitors have set up a new Orbital Platform Construct to compensate for the loss of Eco-R in the recent clashes. With the help of Void Engineer and Iteration-X construction teams and platform architects a new and much better Construct has been created in almost miraculously short time. The Progenitors have focused their studies here on the unique nature of the planet's climate and atmosphere composition. New possibilities in Life Science have been uncovered under those extreme conditions.

  • Null-B Construct of Yenosia

    A very sensitive connection as of late. Null-B has been compromised by Marauders just recently and there are members of the Symposium who advocate the termination of this connection. Others - who represent the dominant interest - view the interlik facility as the best way possible to ensure constant monitoring and resupply of the Null-B Construct. At the moment the Symposium is determined to take the risk of maintaining this precarious connection. The Marauder threat has been contained - so it seems - and Null-B is still important enough as a bridgehead. (For details about Null-B see the Book of Chantries)

  • Europa Fortress

    Naturally the conflict over the moons of Saturn has increased in ferociousness during the last escalations in the Ascension war . Still the Technocracy was able to hold their fortress on Europa against constant attacks by Nephandi Horrors, strange Alien Creatures from the deepest reaches of the Universe aided by Marauder terrorists and of course the unceasing attempts of Superstitionists to profit from those conflicts. A group of battle hardened Cyborg troopers from Iteration-X and the heroic efforts of Void Engineer marines has prevented the worst. All that dedication serves one goal: The preservation of the highly sophisticated and yet uncovered Time Science research platform Iris that is orbiting Saturn. From there, Chrononauts venture forth into the reaches of time itself.

  • NYSE Syndicate Construct

    The New York Stock Exchange - a centre of Syndicate activity on the northern hemisphere - exchanges it's data with the local Syndicate analysts in realtime. The NWO also appreciates this connection. Keeping track of the flow of data which is the modern market is facilitated a lot by bridging the Digital Web through a network of restricted sector links. Some say, the NWO is mainly up to keeping tabs on the Syndicate this way though. Where the connections to such places like Null-B are perilous because of possible corruption - or maybe even invasion - by outside forces from beyond, this link to NYSE holds other dangers. The Virtual Adepts consider subverting this powerful Syndicate Node a prime goal. Not a week passes without all kinds of knowbots, virtual HIT-Marks and Cybernauts scrambling because of an alarm somewhere. Most seem to be false, but the paranoia level is high.

  • ISER - Strasbourg

    The Institute for Socio-Economic Research is a vast conglomerate of survey contracters, statistics researchers and other data processing specialists who appear everywhere throughout the institutions of the European Parliament and the Council. There isn't a single lobby, party or political group within the EU establishment that doesn't rely on ISER data. Not obviously so, but through shell companies and subcontractors arranged masterfully by Syndicate financiers. Iteration-X Statisticians provide the processing power that allows the NWO to screen and filter all the information. This way the NWO Methodologies create or destroy trends, influence opinion leaders and respond to political changes throughout the European Union.

Because of the importance Interlink-23 holds for the whole Union, an assignment to this Construct is a prestigious one. Only the best and most promising Scientists of all Conventions are selected for this Construct. The high level of security necessary for a site like this is maintained by some of the most accomplished veterans of our fighting forces. At the moment the contingent consists of 10 HIT-Marks, an Iteration-X commando unit of five Enlightened Armatures, an amalgam of field specialists of the NWO and a Syndicate Enforcer troupe, a group of NSC experts and a Progenitor field medic team. This contingent of Enlightened personnel is augmented by combat drones, genetically altered fighting clones and has access to all kinds of advanced armament. Reinforcements can arrive from various linked Constructs. A sizeable park of vehicles stands ready, as do three ARC Gunships and three utility/civilian rotorcraft used by the NWO (the classic Black Helicopters). All those are parked in subterranean hangars or lots.