primal energy


                Millions of men have lived to fight, build palaces and boundaries, shape destinies and societies
                but the compelling force of all times has been the force of originality and creation
                profoundly affecting the roots of human spirit.
                    - Ansel Adams

(Prime 1 Mind 1)
Superstitionist mages falsely claim that they can channel some reputedly mystic power they call quintessence. We know - of course - that such deluded ideas come from their unwillingness to accept the scientific reality that power only comes from within. We ourselves are the source of our own inspiration.
A Technocrat can regain inspiration and mental strength at any place where the spirit of Science and personal Enlightenment has been cultivated. Major Universities, the NYSE, the most advanced technical institutes, Silicon Valley, yes even the ruins of the Acropolis in Athens are examples of such sites. The worst fears of the supernatural can be dispelled by this newly found inspiration.
[Each success with this procedure replenishes the quintessence pool of a mage by one point when at a node. Alternatively the technocrat may regain one willpower point for every two successes scored. Combinations of both effects are possible.]

Burning Blood
(Prime 2 Matter 2)
Hemavore organisms depend on what their strange cults call vitae - human blood. This blood when consumed by the anomaly retains the Primal Essence of it's former 'owner'. By triggering the resonance in this blood we have a formidable weapon against the hemavore.
Especially in Europe the Technocracy has to face off against Vampires all too often. This lead to the development of Procedures usable against such Deviants. When the progenitors had found out that Life Science didn't help much against the undead, they began experimenting with Matter Procedures. Manipulating the Primal Essence contained within the vitae was the logical next step.
[This procedure is feared among Vampires, and they are afraid for a reason. Each success burns one blood point held by the Vampire and does one health level of aggravated damage by turning the blood against the undead organism. The result is similar to the 'Blood Curse' the Tremere had put on the Assamites. A variant using Prime 3 does not only destroy or injure the Vampire, it also channels the quintessence freed to the technocrat who uses this procedure. Normally this Procedure is only used against captured hemavores in laboratories, in can be used in the field though. This is a desperate measure since this procedure is vulgar when used outside a laboratory. Sometimes desperate measures are the only ones appropriate though.]

Energy Drain
(Prime 3 Dimensional Science 2 Correspondence 2)
In the Horizon War the captain of the Qui La Machina Machiavelli used an unorthodox approach when he reversed the field polarity of his ship's emitter coils to make them absorbers for Primal Energy. Unfortunately the Machivelli was destroyed in this attempt to drain the largest Realm of the Tradition Council. The Procedure has been refined since then, and absorber coils are widely used today in interplanetary warfare.
Nothing about the Technocracy is feared more by Traditions and Shapechangers alike than their ability and determination to drain their Nodes and Caerns of valuable energy. The Void Engineers in particular can use all kinds of Tesla Coils, Mass Accelerators and other field generators to become Prime magnets. Caution is still necessary. The example of the Machiavelli should teach us a lesson. If a source of Primal Essence is too powerful, the influx of energy can rip a whole ship apart.
[The effect of this Procedure is determined by an extended roll. Each point of Quintessence drained forever from a Node or Caern requires ten minutes of draining activity. The number of successes required is equal to the number of Quintessence points drained this way. The target number for this coincidental procedure (in space!) raises with each point drained. If the roll is botched the resulting Paradox backlash is worth all the Quintessence drained plus the points gained in the botch. in case this is attempted on Earth, the procedure becomes vulgar too.]

Phase Disruption
(Prime 4 Life 3 or Matter 3 Forces 2 sometimes Correspondence 2)
All molecular bonds can be disrupted by a phased energy emission. While we have hypertechnological Devices that can do such things, not every Scientist can carry an energy weapon into the field. With careful manipulation of existing force emissions the molecular bonds of a target may be disrupted by almost anything.
Imagine an infrasonic weapon and then exaggerate the effect. We don't stop at muscle paralysis and involuntary emptying of the bowels. Using a sonic emitter (now those Cult of Ecstasy Tekno Parties become really funny) a light source (ever wanted to obliterate a whole football stadium) or any other emission source and calibrate it so it literally shakes apart the sorry buggers caught in it's emission.
[This obviously vulgar Procedure may affect living beings with Life or inanimate objects with Matter, or both at once when both Spheres are used. Any emission can be used this way, with Correspondence it's even possible to affect remote targets. The effect of the Blipworth Spots in the Max Headroom pilot are an example. This attack causes aggravated damage and may affect several targets at once with increased difficulty. Add two to the successes when determining damage. The nature of the attack determines whether it occurs with witnesses or not. Backlashes from this Procedure are usually lethal to the extreme.]

Enforce Reality
(Prime 5 Dimensional Science 2)
We control what the masses regard as reality. Deviants like to pierce, rend and disturb this consensus whenever they can. We can not allow this to happen, most of them are punished by the unerring force of the consensus and suffer from Paradox, some Reality Deviants are of such magnitude that they need some more attention.
Imagine complete stasis, nothing supernatural can exist anymore. This powerful Procedure creates a pocket of completely static reality. Werecreatures can no longer change shape, Vampires die (they were dead after all weren't they?), Faeries ultimately succumb to banality, Umbrood dissolve etc. The main target for extreme measures such as this one are marauders though. Their excessive display of magick makes them the most dangerous thing possible for the Technocracy. Enforcing reality by all means is the only way to counter this threat.
[This Procedure spells Paradox in mile-high capitals for everything except technomagick. All supernatural creatures die or lose their abilities while remaining in the area of effect. The area is determined in radius with the Correspondence range chart. Even Marauders may be forced out of their Quiets and their mythic beasts are thrown back behind the Gauntlet. Speaking of which, each success also strengthens the gauntlet by one point. Worst of all, this Procedure is also coincidental. It only strengthens what the sleepers were made to believe anyway, there is nothing supernatural.]