inside the brain


                The mind has exactly the same power as the hands: not merely to grasp the world, but to change it.
                    - Colin Wilson

Deviation Analysis
(Mind 1 Prime and/or Dimensional Science 1)
The Analysts of the NWO have mastered the techniques to identify Reality Deviants from their behaviour and their psychological profiles. This simple yet effective procedure is invaluable for both the Analysts at Psych-Ops and the agents in the field to determine sources of possible deviant behaviour.
Using such indicators as physical alterations and tell-tale signs of psychological anomaly in conjunction with devices like small computers or standard issue scanners it is possible to determine the grade of Deviation in an individual. Psych-Ops uses brain-wave monitoring, durin carefully tailored test sequences to make sure their Symposium's agents are still on the right track. Field agents improvise with cybernetic systems, palm-top computers and display capable mirrorshades to augment their high psychological training to spot the reality criminal hiding among unsuspecting sleepers.
[With the Mind effect the subject's psycho-emotional profile is determined. Prime can read the resonance of the quintessence contained in the subject. Vampiric vitae show just as distinctively as the 'multiphasic DNA recombining enzymes' which mark an individual as a shapeshifter. Avatars can be 'read' as well. With the addition or substitution of DS the character can detect 'alien influence' in a subject or even recognize a disguised umbrood as the 'alien creature' it actually is.]

The Holmes Effect
(Mind 2 Entropy 1)
Have you ever wondered how the legendary Sherlock Holmes just had to look at a person or investigate a crime site with only a magnifying glass and still, he was able to deduct a whole construct of information. Well, the advanced techniques he used are subject of this course...
The Enlightened operatives the NWO sends into the field to investigate the most obscure cases have received extensive training in all kinds of deductive analysis, psychology and probability evaluation. If you have to crack cases that would make even Fox Mulder's mind reel you will need this training like a pair of mirrorshades to do your job in the field. Investigating and collecting the clues on an individual, a crime-site or from a piece of evidence can facilitate the successful conclusion of a case.
[Information about thoughts and motivations of individuals, emotional or psychic imprints on sites or objects - in a nutshell, the truth (as in 'what remains after you have eliminated the impossible') can be found out about something in an investigation. The difficulty may increase if the imprints are old or the individual to analyze very obscure. Investigative skills are good to aid this Procedure. Successes should be an indicator for the depth and content of the information, not for the truth of what is learned. All information should be correct, sometimes you just missed something.]

IPS - Interactive Personality Simulation
(Mind 3 Correspondence 2 Prime 2)
With our vast databases we can create a virtual representation of the greatest minds in the history of science. We can share our thoughts with Leonardo da Vinci or trade arguments with Immanuel Kant. Of course this Procedure is also extremely useful when investigating the motives of our enemies.
Originally developed by the Ivory Tower Scientists for educational purposes, this Procedure is also widely used by the Men in Black for psychological profiling and research into RD's motives. If the NWO has the appropriate datafiles (and you can bet they have) it's only a matter of a few hours work to create a fairly accurate simulation of a person. This simulation can then be interrogated and questioned to learn about the original's motives and plans. The simulation has only limited ability to grow beyond itself, it is still only a representation of data. It can however expand on the profiling data to generate new reactions.
[With Correspondence the data is collected from all over the NWO computer information system and even beyond that - financial conduct, crime records, surf statistics, every single bit of data available is collected into one aggregate. Prime then turns it into a pattern which is projected as a simulated personality with Mind. This procedure requires an extended roll. The number of successes necessary should be determined by the obscurity of the subject. If one wanted to create a representation of a well documented personality 2 or 3 will be sufficient. A particularly elusive individual like a Vampire who has covered his tracks throughout the centuries will require up to 10 successes. The extent of information the simulation will be able to give shall be determined by the storyteller. Always keep in mind that this Procedure does not create any information that has not existed before, it just combines it into an interactive unit that will of course be cooperative ]

The Enemy Within
(Mind 4 Correspondence 2)
Nothing is more valuable in a covert operation that having someone on the inside. Using all kinds of conditioning techniques we can turn even the most loyal chantrymate into one of our own eyes and ears. With the appropriate long-range sensors, we can control every move of our new pawn.
This is a Procedure the NWO is infamous for. Mages are abducted, brainwashed, imprinted with the according tasks and then set free again to go back to their chantries. From then on, the Men in Black can monitor the victim's thoughts and feed them false Information, force them into specific actions and similar nasty things. Usually this is accomplished with some kind of subdermal transceiver set into the base of the skull where it can be connected to the brainstem.
[Mind will enable the agents to alter the subjects memory, control the subject's actions or just monitor and record the subject's thoughts. Correspondence makes it work over remote distances by means of some control centre. With Time 4 added it's even possible to trigger certain behaviour patterns automatically without monitoring. In it's normal variant, the Procedure needs more successes than the subject's willpower in an extended roll, every time a certain action, intrusion or coercion is attempted, the subject may resist with willpower. The agent has to re-roll his Enlightenment every time this is done. Failure does not destroy the Procedure, it just means the specific instruction was resisted. A botch does wreck the Procedure however. In the variant with Time 4 the successes on the extended roll are all that's necessary. The subject will act on it's own and doesn't need to be forced into anything - the course her mind takes is predetermined - scary, isn't it?]

Me, Myself and I
(Mind 5 Correspondence 4 Prime 3 Life 2)
Amalgams of controlled constructs under the leadership of an Enlightened new World Order Technocrat are the standard method of the Men in Black for large scale operations, dragnets and widespread investigations. Only the most advanced Men in White can do without low level operatives completely. Only they can really be at several places at once.
Tradition mages often believe that the non-descript agents of the NWO are everywhere and can be at more than one place at a time. While the Technocracy likes to foster that paranoid notion among the tradition mages it is not entirely true. Some of the highest ranking Masters among the New World Order and other Convetions are indeed capable of this feat though. The methods used vary widely. Iteration X may use holoprojectors and multiband encephalogram mirrors, the Void Engineers have developed the Dimensional Co-Locality Prism and the Men in White use multiple sensory feeds and feedback them through their minds, sending the image of themselves back over the line. Whatever the method, the result remains the same. Multiple independently acting selves are created in different locations.
[Each success creates one duplicate. Those duplicates are capable of independent action and possess their own life and mind. They share the same Avatar though, and each duplicate killed costs health levels according to the ratio of duplicates. The effect is coincidental as long as nobody sees the character doing it (except other mages of course). If a sleeper witnesses are present the effect becomes deeply vulgar and can cause terrible backlashes that disrupt the avatar and throw it into Descension or fracture the mind and create a new Marauder.]