All the means of action - the shapeless masses - the materials - lie everywhere about us.
                What we need is the celestial fire to change the flint into the transparent crystal, bright and clear.
                That fire is genius.
                    - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

(Matter 1 Correspondence 1)
To search an apartment or a building requires several men and is all but subtle or quick. We of course are not restricted to such crude methods. With simple scanners hooked up to portable computers we can search through a whole building and get a concise list of all objects inside. We do not have to touch anything or even enter the building or apartment.
Forget open drawers, the contents spread all over the floor. Forget destroying vital evidence by searching through an apartment. Forget looking for secret compartments beneath floorboards. This procedure covers it all. Some kind of hand-held device run over the rooms to be searched and a computer to file the data is enough for the whole thing to work
[Matter scans all inanimate objects within a range determined on the Correspondence chart. The active time is determined by the successes too. All things concealed in a mundane way (false walls, secret compartments etc) are detected. Even the smallest thing can be inventorized, but most agents configure the software so it doesn't display the exact trillions of dust motes floating around.]

(Matter 2 Mind or Forces 2)
Sleepers are conditioned to submit to the authority backing up certain tokens like police badges, IRS IDs or even business cards. Machines are likewise programmed to accept certain cards as proof of identity. Both are easily fooled by triggering the appropriate reactions.
Just use any kind of blank plastic card or metal badge, maybe even one that has something imprinted on it. (Did you keep that Mickey Mouse Club badge). Just using the right authority when presenting it usually does the job. Syndicate agents are also known to have credit cards that seem to be universally valid and have access to any account. Card readers are also fair game for this Procedure. All in all it's simple and effective - just the way Syndicate and NWO field ops like it.
[Matter transforms the card itself so it's magnetic properties fit the card reader, the right holograms, text, symbols appear on it etc. Forces works against machines like tellers card readers and locks. Mind influences people to just submit to the authority conveyed by the badge or card. Willpower may be used to resist the effects. Machines usually resist with a dicepool representing their security level. A standard card reader in some office may have a rating of 2, a bank teller 4-5 and a high-security lock up to 10.]

Backup System
(Matter 3 Entropy 3 Prime 2)
Machines that need to be used under most demanding conditions will have to include several backup systems. Iteration-X has long ago perfected the art of multiply redundant modular configurations. Today almost none of our machines can be rendered inoperative with hitting only a single component.
Self inflating tires, backup drives, additional power cells - you name it, the Technocracy's equipment has got it. You can't just shoot the tires of that MIB Sedan flat and expect it to come to a stop. Or did you really think this Iteration-X cybertrooper didn't have another backup motivator in that power armour? Computers usually run in cluster networks on any sensible system. If one crashes, the next takes over. This Procedure is based on the belief that every piece of technology can do the same. For Hypertech developers that's common knowledge. Power can be rerouted, systems internally reconfigured, and damage can be repaired quickly. Nothing that is only damaged is actually broken - not the equipment the Union uses.
[Matter and Prime let the backup system come into being by transforming the internal structure of a machine. Entropy protects the backup system from failing and makes sure it takes over the primary system's function smoothly. A variation of this Procedure without the Entropy Sphere is called Unlimited Ammo. This creates an unlimited supply of ammunition for the time the effect can last. This procedure is coincidental most of the time except the destruction is so obviously severe that there can be no doubt it. The Unlimited Ammo Procedure is coincidental too. If you're doing it good enough, there will be no witnesses left to notice that you just shot 45 times with your handgun and didn't change the clip.]

Field Replicator
(Matter 4 Forces 3 Prime 3)
With a sufficiently powerful source of energy and some basic equipment it is possible to draw Primal Energy itself into a field and create solid materials. Although this is a dangerous Procedure to use outside a laboratory, it can save lives.
By using this Procedure an Enlightened Scientist may harness the rays of the sun, an electric current or any other extensive source of power to create a field strong enough to weave Primal Energy into solids. Usually this is done with large apparatuses in Construct laboratories and factories, a particularly desperate or daring Scientist may as well turn his van into a replicator too. Openly performing Science like this often attracts Paradox backlashes which can result in explosions, formation of unstable matter or similar unwanted effects.
[Forces draws in the power needed for the Primal Energy to be bound into solid form. Prime channels free Quintessence into the pattern and Matter solidifies it. This can become an extended roll if the created item is complex or big enough. Creating a sheet of metal will be easy enough - creating a computer guided airfoil drone not. This Procedure is vulgar outside Technocracy Constructs]

Advanced Cloaking
(Matter 5 Forces 3)
The Void Engineers have developed a method to move an object 'out-of-phase' in such a way that it may pass through all normal barriers in addition to their normal cloaking technology. Slowly but surely this method is being used more widely.
The quantum wavelength basically determines the 'reality frequency' of all objects. If this wavelength is manipulated, an object becomes 'out-of-phase' and may pass through all other solid matter. The cloaking field also bends and refracts light around the object and dampens all force emissions. The Void Engineers use this technology aboard their ships, but other Conventions have been using similar technologies to achieve such an effect. The most notable example are the ten additional levels of the Sears Tower used by the Syndicate to conduct business away from prying eyes.
[The idea for this Procedure is stolen from the Star Trek TNG Episode 'The Pegasus Project'. With this advanced Procedure it is possible to hide a ship inside a solid body like an asteroid. Objects out of phase are intangible to everything in phase. The Forces effect also renders the object invisible and undetectable my any other standard means. Using this Procedure inside the Gauntlet is highly vulgar. Outside it can be used normally. The amount of successes necessary to cloak such a large object like a ship calls for trouble though. Paradox can make such an object and everybody unfortunate enough to be near or on it to vanish forever. The worst thing, however, is when they return eventually...]