force emission


                If it weren't for electricity we'd all be watching television by candlelight.
                    - George Gobel

EM Imaging
(Forces 1 Correspondence 1)
Supernaturals and Reality Deviants of all kinds like to conceal themselves from our ever vigilant agents. Most of their methods of concealment rely on simple mind tricks and manipulation of light and darkness. Using this simple procedure we may still detect them even when they manage to obscure their physical form.
This procedure uses an electromagnetic emitter like a cellphone, a radio, or even an over tuned computer screen to send out electromagnetic pulses which can then be read and interpreted. Connecting to a display, visualizing the data on goggles or shades, or directly displaying the results onto the agent's retina creates an image of the concealed creature as well as it's spatial coordinates relative to the agent using this procedure. Alternatively a sonic emitter may be used to create a sonar image. Additional data about the subject can be perceived as soon as it is spotted. Body temperature and heartbeat (or absence of the same) can be helpful indicators for the presence of a hemavore organism.
[Use the duration chart to determine how long the concealed subject can be kept in sight. The power of the respective subject will continuously try to counteract the perception of the agent using this procedure. The additional information that can be scanned with this rank of the Forces sphere does not need a second roll, just an extended effect as per the duration chart. If this Procedure is used to defeat disciplines like obfuscation or obtenebration, the operative has to roll a number of successes equal to the discipline level.
Like all perception effects, this Procedure is coincidental.]

Targeting Enhancements
(Forces 2 Various Others 1)
The standard issue weapons you will use in the field have all kinds of low level targeting mechanisms. Most of them are digital and may be tuned by Enlightened operatives to get even better results well beyond even the best military technology available to the masses.
Standard targeting systems may be enhanced in several different ways:

Magnification (With Correspondence 1)
Each success can extend the range of the weapon by half it's current rating. Point blank range automatically becomes the same as the weapon's medium range. Successes may be split between duration and effect.
[Example: Syndicate Enforcer Keiko Tanaka uses her heavy pistol (Range 30) to fire at a fleeing reality criminal. He uses this Procedure for targeting at long range and rolls 4 successes. He decides to use one of them to make this effect last one scene. The other three increase the weapon's medium range by 45 meters ([30/2] x 3) and the maximum range by 90 meters ([60/2] x 3). His point blank range is now equal to his medium range, 45 meters.]

Smart Targeting (With Mind 1)
The weapon's cross hair is directly superimposed over the agent's field of vision. This works either by direct neural interfacing like Iteration X would use, or by almost superhuman eye-hand (or weapon) coordination the Men in Black and the sharpshooters of the Syndicate seem to be capable of.
Successes can either reduce the target number for the shot or add dice to the dice pool. Combinations are also possible. Again successes may also used to extend the effect's duration accordingly. Alternatively this Procedure may be used to target specific areas on a target successfully by expending one success.
[Example: Agent Toshi of the NWO calls on his superiour weapons training and manages to even visualize a cross hair floating superimposed over his field of vision while using this Procedure in a gunfight. He rolls four successes. Since he wants to get over with this he uses no success for basic duration (one turn) and splits all four between -1 on difficulty and +3 dice for his test.]

Morph Seeker (With Life 1)
Progenitor Scientists first came up with the concept of including the life pattern information like genetics or morphology into a weapon's targeting system. The result is the functionality of unerring targeting when tracking a specific individual. The morph seeker stores the target's pattern information and blocks the trigger until a 100% match with the target can be achieved. Each success stores another target or - alternatively - constrains the pattern information so the probability of hitting is increased accordingly by reducing the difficulty.
[Example: Cyborg X-344 shoots his chaingun into a crowd of innocent bystanders two RDs were using as cover for their escape. He rolls five successes. Using none to increase duration, he spends two for each of the two targets and decreases the difficulty for his burst by three. Miraculously he manages to hit only the two fleeing reality criminals and the innocent people caught in the action walk away to live another day.]

Increased Lethality Calculation (With Entropy 1)
This Procedure , nicknamed 'One shot, one down', found it's way into common usage through the flashy sharpshooting of Syndicate Enforcers. By Aiming for specific body parts which are more vulnerable than others this Procedure may increase the damage of a weapon hit tremendously. This procedure may also bypass armour at a rate of 1 point per success.
[Example: Leung Chao, Corporate Bodyguard and Progenitor infiltrator knows to aim where it hurts. He scores three successes. He uses one of them to extend the duration to a whole scene since his assignment is threatened by three assailants. Using the other two he gains two additional damage dice for every hit he scores on his unlucky opponents.]
[If a character has all the necessary spheres and thinks s/he can roll enough successes, it is possible to combine those procedures into one. One could use a Morph Seeking Magnification sniper rifle, or a Morph Seeking SMG with included ILC. All such procedures are coincidental thank's to Hong-Kong movies and Hollywood action cinema.]

I donīt exist
(Forces 3 Correspondence 3)
In our modern world the existence of a person is defined by the records about this individual on various computers just as much as the personīs physical being. If every last bit of information about someone is erased, this person practically vanishes from the face of the earth.
Using the vast computer networks available to the Technocracy, the agents of the NWO and the members of the Syndicate often prepare for a job that requires subtlety by erasing all records about their person from the web, banking systems, security camera footage, police records and other similar files. Alternatively this Procedure is often used by all Conventions to erase the past lifes of their Sympathizers, Ciphers, Students and other low level recruits to make their transition into Newlife īless painfulī. In the Digital Web this Procedure becomes much more powerful. Since people are nothing but data there, a subject of this Procedure can be de-rezzed, dumped and disjoined from all native sectors. What is a defense outside of the Digital Web, becomes a powerful weapon inside.
[ The effect of this Procedure is quite straightforward. Successes are necessary relative to the profile of the subject. To erase all data about a Joe Average who used to buy at an online shop, surf porn on the Internet and maybe got a parking ticket or two requires one or two successes. To erase all data about a celebrity could require four and more successes. On the Digital Web the Procedure causes aggravated icon damage and destroys links between the subject and native sectors. The difficulty is relative to the strength of the icon targeted. ]

Multilayer Force Shielding
(Forces 3 Prime 3 sometimes Dimensional Science 2)
When fighting powerful Reality Deviants it is important to be prepared. Weapons of destruction are no guarantee for survival, an active defense mechanism is just as important. Portable or stationary power generators can be used to set up an impenetrable barrier around an individual, a vehicle or even a building.
When they prepare to face powerful opposition - particularly when said opposition is supernatural - the shock troops of Iteration-X use high powered generators to shield themselves from all kinds of attacks. Normal weapons such as guns, knives or even low powered energy weapons have absolutely no chance to penetrate powerful shielding such as this. High powered attacks like Prime or Forces damage of level four or higher and weapons such as missiles, nuclear warheads or similar items of mass destruction may harm the shielded individual. The more subtle approach of the NWO usually involves shielding of vehicles or buildings with larger generators and the Void Engineers usually add a quantum level shielding against trans-dimensional entities.
[ Like it says above, this Procedure offers complete invulnerability from normal weapons or minor Forces attacks. All other attacks are seriously reduced in power by the Multilayer Force Shielding. The number of successes acts as a divider for the number of damage dice done by major Forces or Prime attacks and heavy weapons. Obviously this Procedure is vulgar, it just doesnīt figure that an invisible barrier deflects bullets before they hit. The more subtle vehicular shielding may be attributed to bullet-proof material and structural reinforcement. Driving a car through a warzone without scratching the paint will look suspicious though. Backlashes of this Procedure usually involve a destructive rupture in the shielding that discharges the generated force and grounds it into the unfortunate user. When used in conjunction with Dimensional Science, this Procedure adds itīs successes to the Gauntlet rating. ]

Gravity Lens
(Forces 5 Correspondence 3 Prime 3)
Gravity is not only the force that holds together the planets and other celestial bodies of our universe. It is also a powerful weapon when focussed and directed against a target. With powerful magnetic field coils that act like a lens for gravitic forces, it is possible to crush an enemy with the forces of gravity gathered from the whole solar system.
Void Engineer Scientists and Iteration-X Comptrollers have developed a Procedure to harness the forces of gravity itself for the destruction of their enemies. The first use of this Procedure against a Nephandi warship outside Jupiter was a particular success. The gravity of this massive body provided enough force to crush the vessel like a nutshell. To utilize the massive power contained in celestial bodies of such size, the Procedure was refined by the conjunctional use of Correspondence Science. Now the gravimetric coils may be set up just about anywhere and direct the gravitational forces of several planets bundling them and directing them at a single target.
[ The forces of gravity harnessed by this Procedure leave the target no chance. Only during a few seconds before the final destruction the effect can be felt building up by increase of gravity - and consequently the weight of all objects in the area. After that, itīs too late. The gravity lens just directs the crushing force of several planets onto the target area. Of course it is highly dangerous to use such excessive amounts of force within a planetary atmosphere. For that reason the Gravity Lens Procedure has only been used in space so far. Even then it's never completely safe to say that the strain of the concentrated graviton flow will not rip the ship using this Procedure apart. ]