correspondence points


                I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be.
                    - Douglas Addams

(Correspondence 1 Dimensional Science or Time 1)
Thanks to Iteration X technology it is now possible to include a sophisticated procedure like quantum wavelength analysis into a device as small as a wristwatch. In conjunction with advanced GPS algorithms we can now offer you the Dimensional Positioning System
The scientists of the PDC venture forth into regions of the Universe which are hard to navigate and even harder to map. This procedure helps determining the exact spatial and dimensional location (with DS) or location in time. (with Time)
The focus for the procedure normally is a standard issue GPS capable multi-time zone watch with an integrated quantum wavelength analysis device.
No explorer of the far reaches of the Deep Universe or parallel dimension should leave home without it.
[A single success is necessary to determine the shard realm, time zone (up to 5m accurate) and location relative to the whereabouts. Additional successes yield more information such as time-distance relations in the particular realm, temporal dynamics, more detailed data about the immediate surroundings etc.]

DPS Tracker
(Correspondence 2 Dimensional Science or Time 1)
Tracking people on Earth is easy, ever tried tracking a Reality Deviant that escaped using a trans dimensional route?
The Scientists of the PDC are often called to help tracking elusive RDs that cannot be localized by normal means. Garou, Nephandi and more mysterious creatures like the Zigg'rauglurr are known to evade pursuit by entering the Umbra, or move through time.
By means of a DPS in conjunction with the more advanced wavelength disturbance analysis algorithms integrated in some DPS devices it is possible to follow the tracks of a being through parallel dimensions and even through time.
Particularly crafty Scientists may even be able to monitor the actions of a tracked creature by careful analysis of the field disturbance created.
[The Correspondence and Time charts are used to determine the difficulty based on the distance in either time or space the tracked creature has covered so far. By achieving three successes, the being may be monitored. As with normal tracking, a conjunction with Prime 1 makes it possible to monitor magical activity.]

CTIP - Communications and Transmissions Interception Procedure
(Correspondence 3 Forces 2 sometimes Prime 2)
Agents stuck in a momentary predicament may be cut off from standard communications. In such a case, subtle but effective modification of a cellphone's firmware, or the use of advanced broadcasting equipment can help. The airwaves are full of comm-signals, just tap into one and use it.
At many times field agents have to improvise communication not only between themselves, but - even more often - with outside sources, other constructs, remote networks and more. An agent may select from the multitude of available radio bands and GSM frequencies or even create her own to use and connect to existing networks. Conferencing, remote connections to databases, multiple phoneline tapping and all other kinds of telecom wizardry can be accomplished with this versatile Procedure
[The Correspondence Sphere establishes a remote connection where there was none. Forces adjusts the frequency of the comm line, synchronizing with the target band. Prime may be used to create a new frequency. Sometimes Entropy 3 is included to provide strong encryption. ]

The Tactical Edge
(Correspondence 4 Time 3 Entropy 1)
Nothing can match the tactical skill of a trained Operative. With our superiour abilities we can easily engage multiple opponents, fight blindfolded and strike with unerring precision.
More often than not, supernatural opponents are faster, stronger and take much more punishment before going down than any human could ever sustain. This Procedure - a favorite of NWO and Syndicate ops - is the great equalizer. Agents with such a high level of training have been known to evade blows, dive for cover in exactly the right moment and miraculously attack from behind striking at the most nervous points or shooting from almost impossible angles. Any move an opponent makes is the first step to his defeat. With exceptional clarity and due to perfect training, an agent may see each attack coming before it even happens and prepare for counterattack.
[Forget initiative and combat modifiers. With each success in this procedure the player may directly counter any move of an opponent or act before the other has a chance to even collect his wits. Correspondence allows movement unhindered by any obstacles or actual physical distance. Time can accelerate the movements of the player, or slow the others and to anticipate the opponents' move. Finally Entropy allows to strike at the most vital points. This may result either in aggravated damage, or additional health levels in damage caused. This Procedure is best used when fighting in the dark, or in places abundant with diversions since the effect becomes vulgar quite easily when witnessed. Since supernaturals are rarely fought in shopping malls during Summer Sale, this is not a problem usually. With Correspondence 5 and Mind 3 this Procedure may turn an Amalgam into a fearsome fighting force almost unbeatable and unmatched in skill and tactics. ]

Forced Quantum Singularity
(Correspondence 5 Forces 4 Prime 2)
Fusion Power? Solar Energy? Plasma Reactors? Things of the past. New Scientific breakthroughs have created a power source way beyond everything known until now. Collecting a large amount of mass in a single point creates a power output on the levels of a black hole. Harnessing this power provides us with a clean renewable and almost inexhaustible source of energy.
The Void Engineers have been working on this for a long time and finally the results are satisfactory. Small particles - quantums - are forced to occupy the exact same location and shielded by massive force fields. Since such particles repel each other normally with almost impossibly strong forces, the singularity releases those forces. The resulting output of power is staggering. Up to now, R&E has lost three experimental craft and one test platform through paradox effects. The latest corrections, however, make this power source seem stable enough to be used in future constructions. The magnetic field of Earth seems to have a detrimental effect on the containment field though. So far, the results have only been reproduced in specially shielded Construct laboratories. The Thetys I deep sea platform of the EFD Methodology is the first working pilot project on Earth powered entirely by a quantum singularity.
[ Quantums are stacked with Correspondence and the energy contained and transformed with Forces. The extremely impressive power source is vulgar anywhere outside a Technocracy Construct and dangerous even when used inside one. Backlashes release destructive forces that make a nuclear blast seem harmless. If it works, it creates an unlimited power source that also acts quite similar to an artificial node. The singularity will create one dram of Tass point per success and hour for recharging and powering Devices only. This Tass may not be used by mages except when another vulgar Prime 3 effect is used to channel it into a living pattern. This is dangerous and risky. Nobody has attempted to do this yet. ]