The Void Engineer Convention Book Project

The editor of this page is proud to announce the hosting of a fan-based project to bring a revised Convention Book for the Void Engineers into being. The material here is still in it's draft state, as soon as a chapter comes to completion it will be put here for download as PDF text. Contributions are welcome and needed. Please contact devi[at]memecraft[dot]org if you want to contribute.
The following contributions are most sought after at the moment (in descending order of importance): Check this page for updates.


  Developer's Words
  About This Book & Disclaimer

Ship's Log: History

Is There Anybody Out There: Organisation

  Convention Policies and Practices
  Spheres of Influence
    Copernicus Research Facility
      Sidebar 1: Mechanics of Power
      Sidebar 2: War by Numbers
  Prominent Void Engineers

Charting the Unknown: Paradigm and Protocol

  Limits of the Possible: Protocol
  Dimensional Science
    Sidebar 1: DS after the Reckoning

Any Spaceport in an Ionstorm: Storytelling

Never Leave Home Without It: Game Information, Procedures, Devices and Craft

  Umbral Mechanics: Rules for Spacetravel
    Sidebar 1: The Reckoning and Space Travel
  Spacecraft and other Vehicles

Appendix I: Antarctica Magnetosphere Observatory Construct

Appendix II: Those Beyond