Suggested Reading

Sources listed in the various Mage supplements for the Technocracy are not included here.

Everything is Under Control - Robert Anton Wilson
An interesting, exhaustive and sometimes not all too serious encyclopedia of conspiracies, cover-ups and mysterious incidents with many references on further reading and web material.
A great source for story ideas and background material brought to you by the author of the most entertaining and weird conspiracy novel ever - Illuminatus (read that too if you haven't).

Horizon War Trilogy - Robert Weinberg
A trilogy of books published by White Wolf which centers around a grand conflict between all kinds of supernatural factions. The story features two Technocracy operatives among the main characters and involves all kinds of realms and places and every faction in the Ascension War.
The only major Mage novel by WW so far.

The Meme Machine - Susan Blackmore
A very good exploration into meme theory. Interesting concepts for all kind of Mind Magicks. Required reading for aspiring Ivory Tower scientists.

Profiles of the Future - Arthur C. Clarke
One of the grand old masters of SciFi muses about possible future technologies and developements. A great inspiration for all kinds of technomancy and a very entertaining book too.

Profit over People - Noam Chomsky
Read this and then ask yourself if the world would be any different with the Syndicate and the NWO controlling the media and the economy.
Very informative, very dedicated and sometimes very unsettling

The Selfish Gene - Richard Dawkins
Genetics and evolution beyond what you learned in biology classes. The genes as the driving force in evolution, an approach that fits in well with Progenitors of all Methodologies. The book also features an introduction to meme theory - mental concepts as self replicating entities.

Synergetics - R. Buckmister Fuller
The manual for the 21st century. This is not just a book about physics, mathematics and design science, it is a book about a whole new way of looking at the world. If "Bucky" would have been a mage, the Sons of Ether would have been his collegues. Maybe even the Void Engineers or - if they were a little more creatively inclined - Iteration X.

Technopoly - The Surrender of Culture to Technology - Neil Postman
I know, this book is recommended in every other White Wolf publication about the Technocracy. Still if you haven't read it yet do so now. It's really good, not only for gaming inspiration.